Status of new run configurations

Here’s a quick update of what’s coming next.
The next update will ship a new type of run configurations. You’ll still be able to run the old run configurations of open-source BashSupport and JetBrains Shell.

Nice features, which are now supported:

  • inline snippets. You don’t have to create files just to run a few lines of bash. You still can use it to execute shell script files.
  • Default interpreters. You can pick the type of default interpreter to use. That makes it compatible for teams where developers have different setups.
  • You can also choose to let the operating system execute it. That’s useful for executable files. That allows you to run executable scripts which have +x set and have a shebang. And this also allows you to run arbitrary executables, not just shell scripts.
  • Macro support. The screenshot has the $Prompt macro in the arguments. When you run this, IntelliJ will show a prompt to ask for user input and then pass the entered value to the script. Paired with inline snippets it’s a powerful feature, I think.
  • Windows path mapping. You can choose how the path to the shell script is mapped. WSL, Cygwin, and Git Bash all support different patterns of mapping native paths (e.g. C:\Users\...)( to Unix-style paths, e.g. /mnt/c/Users/...
  • Settings for redirection of stdin and stdout.

Unable to run bash script file on WSL

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