Where do I enter the BashSupport Pro license key

I have the BashSupport Pro trial and recently purchased the license for a year and obtained a license. Looking for where I can enter the key in the intellij product but don’t see it. Can you tell me where the license key should be entered for my paid edition?

@tirams First of all, thank you for buying a license!
The JetBrains IDE provides the user interface to enter the key. It’s a bit confusing, I have to admit.

The best way to active would be this:

  1. Open Preferences/Settings > Plugins > Installed and make sure that BashSupport Pro is installed and enabled.
  2. Click Ok and restart the IDE (it should ask you)
  3. At startup the IDE should popup a dialog, which ask you to activate the BashSupport Pro plugin.
  4. Activate using the dialog.

If that doesn’t, then please post the IDE and version you’re using (e.g. IntelliJ Community 2020.1).

Once it’s activated, the licenses can be manages at Help > Register....


For reference, there are now instructions how to active on the website at https://www.bashsupport.com/pro/installation/activation/.