Timeout waiting for bashdb debugger to become ready

I was confused by the problem while I debugging the script with bashsupport pro,Someone could help me solve this problem.

Thanks for reporting! This seems like a bug, because it shouldn’t happen, of course.

  1. Would it be possible that you share the script, which you attempted to debug?
  2. If possible, could you also share a screenshot of the run configuration settings you used to launch the debugger?
  3. As I think that you’re on Windows: which Bash distribution are you using? For example, WSL, Cygwin, Git Bash?



Thank you for your reply. After reinstalling the plugin, the problem was resolved. :joy:

Thank you for your follow-up!
That’s a bit unexpected, but perhaps the installation was somehow corrupted, e.g. by a full disk. If you ever run into this again, I’d be glad if you could provide the data above to help me reproduce and fix it.

But the debugging speed is very slow, and each line needs to be executed for several seconds. Is there any solution

Which Bash distribution are you using?
In my experience WSL is fastest (near native speed), Cygwin slowest and Git Bash somewhere in the middle. The emulation is slowing things down a lot.
But it may be caused by something else. I’ll try to reproduce when you provide the info.

git bash,version 4.4.12

To inquire about a commercial issue, is it legal for me to use the software for company project development after purchasing a license privately.

Thanks for posting the version of Bash, I’ll check that later.

It’s legal to use a personal license, which is purchased with your own funds, for commercial development or a project at work.