`# shellcheck source=` declarations break if preceded by another comment

Hi @jansorg
My last issue with v2.0 beta5 and again, only a very minor niggle. When I use the # shellcheck source= directive to point BSP to a local version of a sourced file, if the directive is part of a larger comment, the sourced file is not found and a warning appears on the first line of the comment:
Screenshot 2021-04-22 at 14.37.16
Obviously there’s an easy work around to add a blank line to break up the comment but this had me scratching my head for a little while!

Thanks! At least someone is pushing BashSupport Pro to its limits :wink:

I’ll fix that for the next eap and I’ll also make sure that it’s following the same logic as ShellCheck does.


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Confirmed fixed in 2.0 beta 6, thanks!