Shell plugin is required for Dockerfile support

Docker plugin requires shell plugin, and bashsupport requires shell plugin to be disabled.

What is the suggested approach? Is it fine to have both plugins active?

Shell Script plugin is required for full Dockerfile support · Issue #81 · BashSupport-Pro/bashsupport-pro · GitHub has more details on this issue.
If you need support for scripts in Dockerfiles, I’d keep both enabled until 2021.2.1 and the update of BashSupport Pro are available. The notification about the Shell plugin should stop after the first few messages. Make sure to restart after enabling JetBrains Shell, then things should be working okay, although it’s much better to have the Shell plugin disabled.
I’ll post an update here when the new version of BashSupport Pro is available.

I am already on 2021.2.1 (EAP)
Does it mean plugin is not ready yet?

It’s ready, but not yet published. I’ll see if I could prioritize that.

@nick4fake I’ve released 2.0.5 with support for Docker language injection. You’ll need a 2021.2.1 eap build, 212.5080.0 or later.