How can I disable the highlight on first line changing?

It is annoying to having highlight on line change. I think highlight \ for the end of the cli line might make sense, but make whole line highlight might be over killed.


I just had a look at this. There seems to be a big in regard to handling of escaped characters. Here, the 2nd line of EnableCacheDebug=0 \ Develop_UI=0 is treated as \DEVELOP... which marks the part following to \ as an escaped character.
As a workaround, enter a whitespace at the beginning of the 2nd line. I’ll see to provide a fix for this as it’s a bit unnerving.

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Usually, I would trim the whitespace; so it would be nice to fix, or is there anyway to turn off? I don’t found the rule regarding this.

Unfortunately, there’s no setting to fix this. will fix this for the next release.

@dotku There’s now version 1.7.13 which should fix the issue you reported.