Convert to BashSupportPro type

We are migrating to BashSupportPro for all its great features.

When I open a legacy BashSupport run configuration it says "This is a legacy Run Configuration.Use Type BashSupportPro for best support’. This is not a surprise, I saw this message even in some screen captures on your support site.

We have dozens (maybe hundreds?) of BashSupport legacy run configurations. Now that we have BSP installed I want to convert them all so this message goes away - how do I do this? There seems to be no ‘migrate’ or ‘Save As’ button.

Any hints?


Hi @jay.guidos,
thanks for using the plugin!

Yesterday I released update 1.4.12 which updated the message to make it less serious. It’s not an error when a legacy configuration is used.

The support of the legacy run configurations is reading and writing the old, original data format. The full feature set of the “BashSupport Pro” type is supported, but with the old format. There are some more details at (ignore the old screenshot, I’ll update it).

There’s no migration action yet. But I’m planning to add it. The legacy support is certainly not ideal for the long-term.

Could you provide a few details to get this right, please?

  • Would you need migration of legacy BashSupport configurations or also of JetBrains Shell configurations?
  • Have you shared your configurations between different OS and/or machines?
  • Do you usually use BashSupport’s project interpreter or do you define the path in the run configuration?
  • Do the configurations usually link to scripts, which are located inside or outside of the project?


Hi Joachim,

We have used your plugin for a long time, we have always liked it :smile:

With at least IJ 2020.3 there is a usability issue with the Legacy BS configurations. When you click on one of them we get a warning popup that the config has edit errors and we are given the choice to go back and edit or continue to run. You can click ‘run’ and proceed, but the popup comes back every time you run, which gets annoying. Also, although the popup complains that there are edit errors, there is no indication what those might be or how we could fix them so the warning popup would go away.

To directly answer your questions:

  • we have never used the Jet Brains Shell, all our configs are Legacy BS
  • we share configurations among machines, but only Linux based dev boxes
  • we usually define the path in the run config but that is just an old habit. We are looking into a better way with some of the new BSP feature set
  • the configs we have are always linked to scripts, and they are always located inside our project. Our CI/CD system is BASH based and BS is an excellent way to integrate CI/CD directly into our projects

Actually I just updated to your newest update and the usability problem I reported is gone. I also noted your improved comment on the legacy run configurations. It is much better and less scary sounding, thanks!

thanks for the follow-up.
I’m glad that this is working now for you. All valid configurations are supposed to run without issues. If you notice anything else, I’d be glad if you reported this.

Regarding the interpreter path:
If all dev machines have the same setup (i.e. the same paths), then using fixed paths should be fine. But that may break as soon as you move to a different setup. It’s safer to use the default interpreter setting instead, but developers may get different results if the configurations are not the same. So it’s a trade-off.

The new run configuration are still young. If you’re missing a feature, e.g. to simplify the setup for several dev machines, I’d be happy to hear about it.