Code formatting no longer works in PhpStorm

I just installed the plugin, and it was auto-formatting code fine at first. Now, a couple days have gone by, and it no longer will (PhpStorm says, “No lines changed: content is already properly formatted”). I haven’t changed any settings and I don’t see anywhere in the settings to turn this on/off. How can I get it working again? I was considering buying the plugin, but it’s not as much good to me if it won’t format code.

Possible causes are syntax errors in the file or that the formatter isn‘t using the right script type.
If possible, could you share the content of a script where formatting fails?

Could you share the version of the plugin you‘ve installed and the OS you‘re using?

Are you reformatting selected text or the complete file?


Strangely, it is now working again. Different day, no changes. Will update if it happens again.

The easiest way to debug this is probably running shfmt on such a file.
For example

shfmt /path/to/file.bash

If it’s printing errors instead of a formatted file, then please report this here.