Bats-core support next / your thoughts on test runner integration

integration with bats-core will ship with the next update of BashSupport Pro. This will add a fully integrated test runner for *.bats files.

Is bats-core what you’re using to test shell scripts? If you’re using something else, please let me know.


I have a habit of trying out different tools to see which one works best for me (which is not always the biggest player in the field).

Bats is a clear winner for me, especially since the community maintained bats-core. Part of this is add-on libraries for asserts, code-coverage, and mocking.

Being able to run these tests in-IDE is very awesome!

@Potherca The latest versions of BashSupport Pro are already supporting bats-core, but do not yet provide additional support for asserts, etc.
If you had to pick one for better IDE support, what would it be?