BashSupport Pro: Pricing

Personally I don’t like subscription models too much. To me, a model which gives you updates for a year and unlimited use of the latest compatible version sounds reasonable.

I’d like to make this available via the the marketplace.

What does sound reasonable to you here?
I’d prefer to set different prices for individuals and companies.

Let me know any thoughts you have about this!

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I have greatly appreciated BashSupport over the years. I am using the new IntelliJ offering now, and while it is nice, it is lacking in some areas.

I would be willing to pay for a BashSupport Pro to fill in the gaps assuming it isn’t too expensive.

I pay for IntelliJ Ultimate as an individual now, so obviously I invest in my tools.

Thanks for your kind words and the thoughts on this!

I’m not planning to make this expensive. It should be sustainable, though.
What price would be reasonable to you as an individual developer?

Can you tell what’s missing for you in JetBrains Shell plugin?

Good question. I feel like the new system is lacking:

  1. It does not “enforce” or at least suggest as many rules. Like using [[ instead of [, etc.
  2. It doesn’t provide for things like jumping to a variable declaration.

Pretty much anything that your tool did that is lacking.

I’d probably pay as much as $15 per year. Although eventually I’d drop that.
At like $7 per year I’d do it forever.

Thanks for the thoughts on this!
I’ll keep this in mind when I work on the Pro version.

+1 to $15 for a license + updates for a year.
+1 to $7 forever, but honestly, I’d happily pay $15 yearly for good software.

In Russia and Ukraine people have little money. I’m ready to pay $5 for a year.

The fact is that if you have a subscription to a lot of products, it accumulates a large amount, so you have to think about whether to allocate money for a new one

Thanks for the pointing this out. I don’t think that I’ll be able to make this available for $5 a year, but I’ll look into different pricing per region. I can’t promise anything yet, though.

IMO $15/year is more than acceptable, and still it will probably not be so convenient for the author, considering the tons of hours needed to maintain it.

If you use it professionally, it is a ridiculous price to pay: it’s just $1.25 per month! It’s just about one coffee per month to offer to someone that makes your life a bit better.

I think that’s fair enough.

Thanks for your input. Pricing of a personal license in this range sounds fair to me, too. I think that it’s a good compromise, as I don’t want to make this expensive for the occasional user.
Commercial licenses (i.e. for companies) will follow more conservative pricing, but the exact range is still tbd.