BashSupport Pro now available

The first version is finally available, see for details.
If you’re a contributor to the open-source BashSupport plugin, then I’d be happy to send you a free license for a year. Check out for instructions how to to request it.


Hi - first & foremost, brilliant work :clap:

I’d be more than happy to pay for pro, the absolute moment that fish is supported, my shell of choice. Feel free to ignore, but either way, great work.

– nearly forgot, 90% of the debugger capabilities are built in and nearly all Fn is OOB - so I would assume it would be straight forward to implement - I could obviously be wrong, but anyway…


I can’t promise at this time that fish will be support. There will be better support for shells other than sh/bash. I’m planning to add some improvements for zsh, but there’s nothing specific yet for fish.
Are you missing debugging the most or do you need other features like navigation, refactorings, etc. more than that?