BashSupport Intellij Compatibility

I’m getting the following error after upgrading intellij. It also looked like BashSupport was updated. Is there anything else I need to do?

Plugin ‘BashSupport’ (version ‘’) is not compatible with the current version of the IDE, because it requires build 202.* or older but the current build is IU-212.5080.55

Hi @stevewallone ,
sadly BashSupport has been retired July 2020. Please refer to the announcement in for the details why this happened.

Version 1.7.19 is for 2020.1 and earlier and fully functional.

Version 1.8.0 is for 2020.2 and is only providing a notification about its retirement and no functionality.

If you used shell scripts with 2020.2 then most likely the new JetBrains Shell plugin was providing this.
If you used 2020.2 and were happy with its shell support, then just continue using the JetBrains Shell plugin (it’s bundled, named “Shell Script” in the list of plugins).

If you need something better, then there’s the newly developed BashSupport Pro. Please note that it’s a paid plugin, there are free licenses for past contributors, students and for academic use.