BashSupport 1.7.12

BashSupport 1.7.12 it out!

This release fixes a few annoying issues which were in BashSupport for a long time. It also improves the resolving of variable references in a few edge-cases.

I wanted to make sure that BashSupport is working nicely. But it’s most likely one of the last updates with such a list of changes.

List of changes (alternative list):

  • #696: Highlight comments in backtick commands
  • #735: Variables which were first declared in a loop were not properly resolved, renamed, and highlighted
  • #753: Fix NPE in BashRunConfiguration.suggestedName()
  • #758: Completions often showing “Invalid” as label
  • #761: IOException while scanning path
  • #764: Variables declared in included files were not always properly resolved.
  • Fix exception about IndexPatternBuilder incorrect Bash comment ranges
  • A notification is displayed for 192.x and later if both BashSupport and JetBrains Shell are enabled at the same time. It allows to disable one of the plugins.
  • #682: Parse heredocs in pipeline commands
  • #662: Enter handler to insert a line continuation in Bash files
  • #658: Fix broken highlighting of heredocs.
  • #656: Fix multiline highlighting of todo/fixme comments