2.0.0 beta13 released

Another beta has been released.

The highlights are:

  • You’ll now get a fallback license for 2.0 when you buy now or later (the exact date is 2021-06-10)
  • The new version has been published on the stable channel for the 2021.2 EAPs. 1.5.x won’t be released for 2021.2 and this preview is (hopefully) stable and close to its final release.
  • You should get less warnings about unresolved variables, because BashSupport’s own inspection is now enabled by default and overrides ShellCheck’s checks. I’ll decide before the final release if this is good enough for production already.
  • Project-wide global variables are now available. This has been missing in comparision with legacy BashSupport. This works together with the inspection above to help you get cleaner code.

Changelog: https://plugins.jetbrains.com/plugin/13841-bashsupport-pro/next-version/changelog-2-0-0-beta13